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Webinar: Beware of Ghost Particles in Your Lubricants

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Oil cleanliness is extremely important to reliable machine operation. It requires filtration, desiccation, clean transfer equipment, proper lubricant selection, and - to evaluate effectiveness - oil analysis, which includes particle counting. Unfortunately, some maintenance teams have employed all means possible to achieve their cleanliness goal and still can't get there. Why would this be? This webinar will describe particle count testing and the phenomenon described as ghost particles.


Learn the answers to these questions:
  • How do particles get into oil?
  • How does a particle counter work and what is the ISO cleanliness code system?
  • What if the oil is NEVER cleaning up? (It’s possible that it is not a failure of the lubrication cleanliness efforts.)

Date & Time

Thursday, July 29

12-1 pm CDT (1-2 pm EDT)


John Sander

Vice President of Research & Development, Lubrication Engineers  

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