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Filtering Oil Prolongs Its Useful Life,
Keeps Equipment Free from Wear

We Filter Coffee, Water & Engine Oil -
Why not the Oil in Industrial Equipment?

Filtering your oil - both new and in use - will prolong oil life and protect equipment from wear. 

Studies have shown that as much as 70% of all premature machine failures can be attributed to contamination. To prevent these failures, it is important to purify new oil as it comes into the facility and then keep it clean. By establishing an ISO code cleanliness goal and maintaining it, you will extend the life of the oil and the equipment. 

To improve your current lubrication reliability efforts, look for a filtration system that will screen the oil to remove both large and small particulates, as well as moisture. 

Keep Industrial Oil Clean & Dry with Portable Filtration Solutions

LE offers Xtract Filter Carts (left) and Xtract Drum Toppers (above) - each with a variety of color options for cradle-to-grave lubricant identification.


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