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It's Time To Winterize Your Diesel Fuel

Brrr … it’s cold and my engine won’t run!


As winter arrives, it is not uncommon for owners of diesel-powered equipment to experience engine issues. Imagine being the operator of such a vehicle and it stops running “out in the middle of nowhere.”

There could be several reasons for these engine problems, but a common one is makeup of the fuel. Most #2 grade diesel fuels include wax, while others contain biodiesel that turns into fat. Although renewable and clean burning, both wax and fat molecules begin to solidify at low temperatures, leading to plugged fuel filters, fuel lines and injector tips.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Click image below to learn more.


Full Torque™ W Diesel Fuel Improver: Cold Weather
Diesel Fuel Solution 
Available Online or from Your Local Consultant

  • Provides easier cold startups
  • Prevents fuel gelling by controlling wax formation 
  • Lowers pour point and cold filter plugging point
  • Decreases cold flow temp
  • Inhibits ice formation


Available for quote or purchase online or through your local LE lubrication consultant.

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