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Lube Rooms: Where Asset Death Begins!

CBM Webinar Hosted by LE's Paul Llewellyn

Lube Room Before LE

When it comes to asset life, or the death thereof, sometimes we become our own worst enemy and unknowingly destroy any chance the asset has for a long productive life simply by the way we subject the new oil to contamination.

This presentation addresses how poor storage and handling practices create that problem and provides some opportunities to address and eliminate those costly mistakes. Click "Registration" button to view this recorded 54-minute presentation at a time convenient for you.


Learning Takeaways

  1. Setting up a lube storage area
  2. Identifying and sampling incoming oil
  3. Filtering new oil for use
  4. Transferring new oil for storage or use
  5. Tagging storage containers, transfer equipment and assets
  6. Retrofitting assets for contamination control
  7. Conducting oil analysis and filtration at the asset
  8. Transitioning from time-based to condition-based oil changes
  9. Finding hidden profits
Paul Llewellyn

Meet Your Host

Paul Llewellyn

Asset Reliability Training & Education Manager

Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

Paul is an AMP-certified reliability leader (CRL), an STLE-certified lubrication specialist (CLS) and has earned MLT I, MLT II and MLA II certifications.  

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